No one will ever believe you're faking it!

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No one will ever believe you're faking it!

When it comes to your skin, you want to know you are using products that will give you the results you want and need. Taking the best care of your skin shouldn't end when you leave our salon, in fact it's what you do between visits that will make all the difference in achieving and maintaining your best skin.

A free consultation with Beach Brown Beauty means we can create a skin care regime specifically tailored for you to promote and maintain your skin's health.

Bliss Facial for Sensitive Skin (30 mins)


Do you have sensitive skin and are nervous about having facials? This gentle treatment uses specially selected products, designed to hydrate sensitive skin and stimulate cell turnover, leaving skin calm and soothed.

Anti-Ageing Treatment Facial (45 mins)


This relaxing and simple skin treatment will help minimize the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin.

Antioxidant Facial (45 mins)


Every day the skin is exposed to environmental stresses such as pollution, smoke, and damaging free radicals. This stimulating facial is designed to combat these ageing stressors and is suitable for both sensitive and dry skin. Potent and effective antioxidants will rejuvenate and revitalize, leaving skin feeling smooth, firm and radiant.

Boost & Brighten Facial (45 mins)


Using active ingredients and antioxidants, this revitalizing treatment, ideal for mature skin, promotes cell turnover, stimulates collagen and reduces pigmentation. Products work together to prevent the signs of premature ageing by minimizing fine lines, thickened skin and uneven skin tone.

Revitalising Facial (45 mins)


This effective treatment will leave skin looking smooth, clear and rejuvenated.

Men's Business Facial (45 mins)


Tailor made to treat and cater for the specific needs of men's skin, this introduction to facial treatments is certain to become a regular routine not to be missed. A gentle peel, containing Allantoin, is applied to help with shaving bumps and damage from the elements, leaving skin flowing and soft. Followed by a soothing massage for the face and neck, to gently calm and hydrate, its 45 mins of luxurious pampering for men.

Ultimate Hydration Facial (60 mins)


The ideal treatment to plump and saturate life back into dull and dehydrated skin, this super hydrating facial will cleanse the skin of impurities and allow products to infuse deeply into the skin, leaving a bright, hydrated and younger looking complexion. Immerse the skin in ultimate hydration.

Deluxe Facial (90 mins)


Beach Brown Beauty's signature Deluxe Facial will be designed according to your individual skincare needs to address skin concerns such as dryness, oily, sensitive, combination, dehydrated or problem skin, together with a facial massage optimum results will be achieved.