No one will ever believe you're faking it!

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No one will ever believe you're faking it!
spray tanning

In ancient times, women would obtain glowing brown complexions by rubbing the much coveted flood mud into their skin. Only to be found in the weeks immediately following a summer flood, ladies would rush to the riverbanks and scoop lashings of the stuff into their cane baskets to take home in preparation for the ensuing winter months of pale, pasty skin.

Thankfully the invention of spray tans has meant that we no longer need to coat ourselves in the foul-smelling mud just to go a shade or two darker.

Beach Brown Beauty offers a mobile service for their spray tanning, which means as long as you live within our service area we will bring the tan to you! Never fear if you aren't within our service area you can pop into our Wembley salon and have it done there instead!

What is spray tanning?
A spray tan only takes 5 - 10 minutes to apply and is made of a unique blend of body enriching botanical and herb extracts, together with an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which when combined with the natural amino acids in the upper layers of your skin produce a uniquely natural colour to suit your skintone.

After the spray tan fully develops from between 2 – 8 hours (this depends on the product you choose) an all over bronzed look will result which can be enjoyed for 5 - 12 days (depending on skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care).

Before + Aftercare:
It's important to remember that the spray tan will only last as long as the coloured skin remains on the body so exfoliating as part of the pre-tan preparation to remove dead skin, and moisturising as part of the post-tan care will slow the shedding process and prolong your spray tan.

download our before and aftercare spray tanning instructions

Although a spray tan will give a natural looking tan, it offers NO PROTECTION from the sun's harmful UV rays. The use of a sun protection product is always highly recommended.

Full body spray


Second Coat


At Beach Brown Beauty we like to spray tan our clients using only the best products on the market. We realize that not all tanning solutions are compatible with an individual's skin so we stock a range of products that we know use the highest quality of DHA in their product.

Beach Brown Beauty wants to ensure that your spray tan stays the perfect shade for as long as possible therefore offer the full range of SunFX aftercare products.



Beach Brown Beauty knows that sometimes, even the best tans need a bit of correction. If you have had a home self-tanning accident, or are on the last days of a professional spray tan, and are ready to wipe clean and start again, we highly recommend the TAN-OFF Sunless Tan Removal Mitt.

It is the ultimate spray and self tanning removal mitt to correct tanning errors or remove fake tan which has passed it's used by date, leaving your skin tan free and ready for your next application! You will be amazed by the results!

tan-off mitt